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Discord Mage's book thuds onto the counter of the Inn.

The innkeeper looks up from her desk, eyes more closed than open. The late hours of the night are not kind to her and she had just helped a cranky (yet good-looking) Knight. 

Over in the main lobby area are a few scraggly looking warriors, merchants, travelers, and one lone knight looking for a night's respite from the cold harsh winters of Boulderan.

"That is one fine looking knight," thought the Mage. "I wish I could pull off that look."

You too could pull off that look by wearing a dope Discord Mage shirt. Wow that story ended fast. Such drama.

American Apparel White Unisex Crew Neck t-shirt. PolyCotton (50% Polyester / 50% CombedCotton) construction.

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